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Create an Incident Report Form

Create your own Incident Report form in seconds with no programming and its as easy as point and click!

Set up your own incident report form fields such as who, what, what, when and where, the date of the incident, severity, description and any other fields you want to collect.

Make your form as comprehensive or as simple as possible using our easy form builder.

Common Incident Report Form Modules

Where it happened, when and to whom

The reporter and who is receiving the report

Location details

Incident details

Load images or video evidence

Record interviews

Record and Notify external parties

Determine root causes then set corrective actions

Track corrective actions

Close out incidents

Extensively report on incident types

1: Online Incident Report - employees, contractors and visitors report incidents online

2: Action - live assignment to contractors to take action

3: Database of Incidents - full archive of outstanding and completed works

4: Graphical Reporting for Manditory OHS Requirements

Ready to go Incident Report Form

Use our ready to go template, point, click and go and have a full Incident Report form ready to go within seconds.

Manage incidents more effectively with an incident report system to capture incidents that occur in real time and then follow them through with a Hazard Report, Corrective Action, Investigation, Risk Assessment, Safety Observation and even create your own forms and processes.
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