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Where it happened, when and to whom

The reporter and who is receiving the report

Location details

Incident details

Load images or video evidence

Record interviews

Record and Notify external parties

Determine root causes then set corrective actions

Track corrective actions

Close out incidents

Extensively report on incident types

Online Incident Report Form

Hazard Report Software

Create your own Hazard Reporting forms or use our ready to go ones!

Our Hazard Report module allows you to record and report on all types of Hazards and personalise the workflow around your own processess.

Use the app to enable staff to capture hazards as they occur in the work place

Hazard registries

Setup automatic Hazard notifications

Ensure Hazard awareness across the organisation and by external contractos and visitors as they work on site

Hazard registries for advanced reporting, archives and record keeping

Ensure that incidents aren't just recorded without reporting the Hazard that caused them

Ensure all hazards are properly documented and followed through with a risk assessment

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