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Incident Management System for Incident Reporting

Set up your own dedicated Incident Management system for recording incidents for compliance requirements, escalate for action, attach notes, generate reports and much more!

Benchmarking for preventative measures
Comply with legislation and escalate to Work Safe in your state
Customise to your process
Keep it simple and straight forward
Your fields, your data - the way you want it
Apply to any industry

Incident Management System - How it works

The Work Safe incident reporting work flow is as follows:

1: Each staff member has 24/7 access to submit incidents they are involved with online via a dedicated portal

2: Risk manager has the ability to log incidents, generate reports on all activity, via targets, benchmarks, aims, objectives, escalate and assign jobs and a full audit trail.

3: Database of Incidents - full archive of outstanding and completed works

4: Graphical Interactive Reporting for Manditory Requirements

See an example demo suited for your unique organisation by clicking the demo opposite!

About Incident Report

An industry leading name for setting up a dedicated incident reporting framework that can be applied to any industry or requirements.