Incident Reporting for Contractors

Contractors working on site are exposed to many safety risks ranging from personal injury, property damage and security incidents.

It's important that they are able to log these incidents them selves at their own convenience. Waiting on paper work from a safety manager who may not be as readily available as the urgency of the incident or relying on the ability of the contractor to even report the incident in the first place are obstacles that can be easily avoided.

Everyone is online these days from their iPad and iPhone through to wireless Internet access at the local McDonalds. Give the contractors what they expect through Online Incident Reporting. Let them describe the incident in their own words rather then a summarized version by a safety manager on paper. Let them upload their own documents, input all the material them selves and then have your entire incident reporting platform in an online, electronic format with a dedicated database of incidents.

Using the latest technologies through Web 2.0 and beyond, your organisation can empower those who are at risk of being involved with an incident to log them online.