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Injury Report Form

Set up an online form for your staff to report an injury in the workplace. Use our ready to go injury report template or create your own personalised form using our form builder.

Capture of the details of the Injury / Illness
The severity
The type of injury
The nature of the injury
The mechanism
What were the causes
What treatment was done
Dates, hospital details and much more

Full Library of Injury Report Forms

Pick the injury forms that best suit your unique needs

Create your own forms online from scratch!

What injuries need to be reported?

There are many legislative requirements that demand you record and manage injuries in the workplace. An incident does not have to be fatal to be reported. It could be a near miss, an observation or a minor injury. Capturing injury reports allows you to manage the risks, causes and controls with the aim of preventing the injury from happening again.

What to know about building your own form

Using our form builder you can add a new field, move them around, edit, delete and within seconds you'll have created a custom injury report form tailored to how you want your users to submit incidents and to the specific information you want to collect for your organisation.