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Hazard Reporting: Software & Form Tips for Hazard Report Templates 2020

Hazard Reports are an important form for identification of workplace hazards that could cause harm and ensuring that new hazards encountered in the workplace are reported. Awareness for employees, contractors and visitors of potential and existing hazards in the workplace is critical for prevention and reducing the risk of injuries.

When working in a workplace, access to known hazards and having the knowledge and tools to report new ones can save lives, prevent injuries and protect your workforce. What to look for in identifying a hazard, how to report one, how to look up and find known workplace hazards can all ensure everyone's safety in the workplace.

We've prepared the best setup tips and form templates for running the best proactive Hazard reporting process for your workplace below and using the Hazard Report app you can stay on top of all these areas.

Hazard Report Form

It all starts with a good Hazard Report form available not just to employees but contractors and visitors too. Making sure they have the tools available for report hazards they witness, observe and encounter in the workplace as well as having access to a realtime hazard registry. As they work in their workplace environment, they can cross check the hazard registry for which hazards are present. Critically, knowing what a hazard is and what to watch for with the tool to quickly report one, can lead directly to preventing other people from being affected by the hazard.

Hazard Report Template Common Fields

The most common fields and questions to ask on your hazard report form are things like What hazards have you encountered in the workplace, enable your staff, contractors and visitors to capture and identify hazards that they witness or encounter as part of their work in your workplace. This can lead to a real-time hazard registry that is constantly updated with the latest hazards and allow for further controls and risks to be implemented to help reduce or manage those hazards. Identifying the hazard might include classifying what type of hazard was observed, describing how it can cause harm, how was it identified in the first place? where, when, was there an incident and what's its risk assessment?

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Real time Hazard Reporting

Hazards are real time in the workplace. What was a hazard yesterday might no longer be one today. What you thought was safe yesterday might now be a hazard for your coworkers and yourself today. Hazards are constantly changing, new ones appear and old ones change. It is so critical that employees, contractors and visitors all have access and tools for real-time hazard reporting in the workplace. What does this mean? Using our realtime Hazard Reporting app, staff have a realtime site specific hazard reporting registry and tools to report hazards, to identify them classify them and notifications built in for the ultimate in workplace hazard reporting, hazard identification and prevention of incidents. Attach details to assets, site specific locations and hazardous areas such as what the hazard is, what to do when working there, what to do when something goes wrong, how to report and manage the hazard.

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Best Hazard Report Tips

Keep it simple, an overwhelming form that is complex and too large becomes burdensome for employees, contractors and visitors to use in the first place. Fast, quick, simple and easy to use forms make for excellent tools for hazard reporting in the workplace. Take a look at our massive library of hazard report forms and hazard reporting templates from our library below.

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Hazard Reporting App

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