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Published 30/03/2024

Near Miss Report Form: Guide, Tips and Setup

What is a Near Miss Report and why is it important? Accidents in the workplace are real, and assuming them is a great mistake. While on duty, anything can happen and cause a commotion that can lead to hazards. Near miss report is a safe work procedure that eliminates potential hazards by ensuring that all possible accidents are reported to facilitate recovery measures that prevent their reoccurrence.

An example of a near miss is an employee who slips over a paper on a slippery floor but evades the mishap by grabbing a table. A near miss is an accident or health condition that almost happens. Near misses are warnings that something serious could have occurred, and measures to mitigate the miss must be established. Near Miss reports are commonly part of your wider Incident Reporting System

Resolve hazards before tragic accidents with a near miss report form

The significant importance of a near miss report is identifying, assessing, and mitigating possible hazards that could lead to devastating accidents. Companies never assume near miss though employees can sometimes refer to near-miss as 'funny mistake', but it should not be the case.

- Save on hospital bills

Companies use the near-miss report to alleviate possible accidents that can waste a lot of resources and time. When they report near misses, the employer considers the report and invests heavily in hazard detection and prevention. The employer will save a pretty coin that could to hospital, save time wasted by victims and save on compensation.

- Improves employees self esteem

The employees deliver the best output when they are assured of safety within the workplace. Employees self-esteem is upheld when the employer implements their opinions concerning workplace health and safety.

- Develops positive attitude in the workplace

Near miss promotes informal communication between the employee and the employer within the workplace. When near misses are discussed in the workstations, employees develop a positive attitude towards work, producing more.

- Employee engagement

Since employees are at the core of near-miss, they are involved in the meeting that discusses near misses within the workplace. When employees are engaged in the forum, they develop a sense of ownership of the company.

- Maximize capital

The company maximizes its finances when it does not suffer from frequent accidents. Some accidents are so severe that they waste resources when the police are involved in investigating the matter.

When these critical accidents are avoided, the company saves on the finances, thus maximizing profits. Also, the company does not replace equipment regularly because employees report possible breakages and dealt with them before happening.

Example Near Miss Report Form

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The procedure for reporting a Near Miss Report

Near miss reporting is an important workplace safety tool that businesses of all sizes should utilize. It helps prevent serious injuries, illnesses and property damage which can have a devastating effect on both businesses and employees alike. While there may be some misconceptions about why near miss reporting is necessary in the workplace, it's actually incredibly beneficial for companies who prioritize their employee's health and safety.

A near miss is any incident or accident that could have resulted in harm or injury, but didn't due to luck, or intervention. It's also important to highlight that although the incident did not result in injury; processes or conditions still existed that allowed it to happen in the first place. By properly recording and analyzing near miss incidents, businesses are able to identify issues before they become bigger problems.

The purpose of near miss reporting is to raise awareness and increase knowledge of potential hazards within the workplace so they can be avoided in future. Near misses provide invaluable data which companies can use to assess current procedures and modify them as needed in order to create a safer environment for their staff. They also enable employers to better understand what kind of risk their workers are exposed to which allows them to take preventative action quicker. In summary, near miss reporting is an essential part of workplace safety that every business should make use of if possible!

Reporting near miss in the workplace takes the following steps;

- Report the Near Miss

No matter who faces the near miss or the extent of the near miss, it has to be reported to the relevant authority. Employees should not play around with near misses as it may cost them when exaggerated.

- Secure the scene

The scene has to be secured to bar other employees from facing the same tragic. The location is used to examine what caused the near-miss and find the measures to curb the tragedy.

- Call safety team

The safety team should always report to workstations on time when such an event happens. The safety team is responsible for eliminating hazards whenever they occur. The employees should report as soon as possible when a near-miss happens.

- Fill out the Near Miss Report form

The concerned authority fills the near-miss form using the data collected from the secured scene. The near-miss template should be filled without bias and exaggeration to get refined information for curbing future instances.

- Eliminate the Near Miss

Since the site is secured, the information obtained after the examination is used to find ways of resolving the miss. Once it has been resolved, a picture is taken, and all other employees are informed about the incident.

Near miss sometimes can be in the form of a joke thus end up being assumed. Employees may feel it is a minor issue that can be left to go but in the future cause tragic incidents. All near misses must be reported and dealt with accordingly.

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