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COVID-19 Incident Management Software

It's critical that businesses have the ability for staff, contractors and even visitors to report incidents or suspected situations where there could be a risk of COVID-19 in the workplace. By empowering your staff and contractors with specialised COVID-19 specific incident report forms, they have the ability to capture and report any situation that might be considered a COVID-19 risk. Setting up a Covid-19 Incident Reporting process is commonly an extension of your Safety Management Platform.

When a Covid case has been confirmed, its important to record an incident report relating to what date that occurred and the actions and steps taken.

COVID-19 Incident Report form

Using an incident report form specific to reporting incidents of exposure to someone with flu like symptoms, exposure to a known and confirmed contact or suspected contact can enable your business to track, trace and manage potential COVID-19 risks quickly and efficiently.

- Report incidents of suspected Covid-19 exposure
- Capture the site or location
- When a confirmed case has been reported at your workplace, reporting the incident and having it on a registry of confirmed Covid cases
- Covid case management: who worked that day, are they isolating at home, contact tracing

Follow up forms

Managing the incident is an important follow on workflow. Once a COVID-19 incident has been logged, follow up forms might include a corrective action, an investigation, a hazard report and manager sign off. This allows the business to establish risk controls around what has been reported and do a thorough investigation into causes and contacts. They may need to address existing hazards that are now requiring attention and clean up.

- Deep cleaning of site after a Covid exposure
- Return to work after testing negative
- Covid induction training
- Overall staff status

Covid Incident Case Management

Creating a full case management from start to finish for a Covid incident and managing all aspects from exposure, confirmed case, actions, return to work and more. The journey for a Covid incident might start with confirmation that a confirmed case has been at your workplace location. The incident report then records the date of exposure, who was at the location that day and might have been affected, notifications, cleaning actions, isolating affected staff at home, testing staff for Covid, checking for symptoms, monitoring progress and return to work plans. As part of this you might also implement Covid refresher training around safe practices to prevent exposure in the workplace.

- maintain a historical registry of confirm Covid cases in the workplace, dates, affected staff and actions taken
- near misses and suspected cases registry
- testing of staff registry
- work from home registry and return to work plans

Online Registry with Actions

With an incident report process in place specific to COVID-19, you can establish a registry of all COVID-19 incidents (could range from near misses through to suspected incidents and confirmed contact exposure incidents)

Make sure all staff have the ability to report online

Not just employees but contractors and visitors too!

Using the Incident Report mobile app, you can ensure all staff can report a Covid suspected incident, near miss, exposure to illness or symptoms captured in real-time via the Incident Report app

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