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Close Call Reporting

Reporting close calls in the workplace is an integral practice of health and safety management in every organization. To ensure a streamlined reporting process, an organization should have an improved reporting system and tools to collect valuable information about the close-call events.

What are Close Calls?

A close call is a situation in which something dangerous, unpleasant, or destructive almost happens, but an individual manages to avoid it. Close calls usually don't cause employee injuries or property damages in the workplace, but under another circumstance could have quickly done so.

They can also be termed as a warning or anything with the potential of causing harm. Whenever you find yourself making either of these statements, you could be viewing a close call: "it could have easily hurt somebody," "wow! That was very close", or "we almost had an accident, but we didn't."

Why is it Important to Report Close Calls in the Workplace?

Reporting close calls helps collect and share information on incidents that could have caused injuries, release to the environment and property damage. For instance, it was a close call when we almost got hit by another car while driving over there!

This allows us to identify and update everyone on the preventive measures to avoid a similar occurrence.

So, when a close call is reported, the organization will be better positioned to remove the immediate risk and strategically understand where improvements are needed. This is typically through identifying high-risk areas and the possible steps to prevent the occurrence of a more serious incident.

Close call reporting brings a chance to learn what happened during the close call occurrences, and then the information is used in formulating the preventive actions. The report's information is also used to make the workplace healthier and safer for all the employees.

Therefore, the incident management team identifies and corrects factors that lead to incidents and injuries. Overall, the practice of reporting close calls increases safety awareness in the entire organization.

At some point, you may ask yourself if close calls can lead to a more severe incident or harm. And the answer is YES!

If ignored, close calls can have severe consequences such as more serious incidents and employee harm. Despite close calls having the nature to be shrugged off easily and forgotten, there's usually danger in brushing off the incidents that don't cause damage and harm.

They are always red flags that something was wrong, unexpected, unplanned, and has the potential to happen again with a more severe impact.

This is because, behind these incidents, there are always multiple contributing factors that can be controlled. However, if these accident-causing factors are left unattended, they facilitate the reoccurrence of the event.

A close call gives an organization the opportunity to improve its safety practices. The best approach to close calls is by first investigating the root cause and then take the necessary steps to eliminate the hazards and improve the workplace.

Management of Close Calls via Mobile and Online Reporting

In the unfortunate time of a close call, an employee will need to complete a report of the occurrence to gather details of the event accurately and quickly. Reporting of close calls is now easier as it can be done online or via mobile. With a well-established reporting system, you ensure that a more severe occurrence doesn't happen in the future.

All reports should be securely stored in a single point of access where the information can be obtained by any employee and staff on any device.

Using a close call mobile reporting app is the perfect solution as an employee can immediately report an occurrence and record details of the event, including photographs. Timely capture of the event ensures accuracy of the information recorded and an increased chance of reporting the event.

Mobile app and online solutions are:
- Fast and offers simple reporting procedures
- Allows capturing of images
- Captures close call location information
- Allows either anonymous or named reporting
- Reduces paperwork
- Enhances wireless configuration and updates

Having a close call reporting strategy is essential in developing and implementing targeted interventions from the provided information and ultimately increasing workplace safety awareness. So, this is a crucial safety approach to the prevention of accidents and incidents.

All close calls need to be reported to the supervisors in order to complete the report forms quickly. After successfully completing the investigations, all necessary solutions need to be implemented to prevent the event from reoccurring.

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