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Published 05/05/2023

Incident Report Template: Top 25 Best Forms for 2024

An incident Report form is a critical tool for recording, notifying and alerting the details of an injury, illness, security, property damage or safety observation that has occurred in a workplace or location and who was involved or injured. It involves capturing the details of what happened, to whom, how, when, where and any witnesses as well as categorising the incident by type and severity. Commonly injury incidents might be classed by first aid treatment only, medical treatment or lost time injuries. Incidents can also be near misses, hazards or safety observations where the incident report form is describing factors that could lead to a more serious incident report and act as a preventative measure for ensuring that doesn't happen. This might form part of your overall injury management software.

We've prepared the best and most common Top 25 best Incident Report Forms and Templates for 2024. You can use these templates to start reporting incident reports, near misses, employee injuries, contractor injuries, guest or visitor incident reports, security incidents, property damage reports, safety observations and much more. Using the Incident Report app these can be reported and captured in real-time or you can build your own incident report forms as well and customise the fields to how you want them specific to your organisation. Let's get started with the Incident Report form template list!

Looking for an incident report template? Get started here:

1: Incident Report Form

This is the most common incident report form template, typically a generic form that covers a broad range of incident types. You might ask for the incident details such was it an injury or illness or property, security or environment incident. from there going into what happened, why it happened and even why won't it happen again? What task was being performed? Action taken to prevent further injury or reoccurrence? What factors were involved? Severity, was there any lost work time? Body Part, Mechanism of injury, nature of injury.

Try the incident report form template right here

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2: Property Damage Incident Template

You would use a property damage incident form for, well as the name suggests, a property damage report! Description of Damage, Estimate cost of Damage, Details of Parties Involved, Was a police report made? What factors were involved in or led to the incident, location, asset number, facility manager details and more

Try the property damage report form template right here

3: Security Incident Report Template

Security covers a broad range of areas, from physical security through to surveillance and technology security breaches. A security incident report form would be specific to the type of security incident being managed and would ask questions around what type of security incident has occured, the specific details off the breach, location, date, time, outcomes, factors involved, was a police report made, who else was notified, actions taken and more.

Try the security incident report form template right here

4: Near Miss Report

A near miss is when an incident has occurred that could have resulted in further harm or damage. It allows for measures to be put in place to prevent further harm or damage by setting up and implementing controls against the risks identified. For example, a trolley rolled loose and nearly struck someone. This near miss nearly resulted in an injury to someone and allows for immediate prevention of it happening again by checking and implementing controls. Location, what happened, what led to it happening, what can be done to prevent it happening again are all included in a near miss report.

Try the near miss incident report form template right here

5: Safety Observation Report Report

A safety observation is where you might capture a safe or unsafe observation via the report form. What was the activity that was unsafe, what was the activity that was safe? what is it that you recommend or observe, what would you change or suggest as an action? A safety observation is a great generic form that can be used for your workforce to capture and record general safety observations in the workplace.

Try the safety observation report form template right here

6: Contractor Incident Report

Contractors need to report incidents that happen while they are working in your workplace. These might be damage, injuries, security or environmental but related specificially to the contrator, their role, works and more. You might ask what contractor was involved, was it a subcontractor, details, principle contact, contractor representative details, notification, time on site, has been on site before or not, what happened, why, why won't it happen again, matched to contractor prior history.

Try the contractor incident report form template right here

7: Visitor / Guest unrelated Illness Incident Report

This report is geared more towards a non workers comp / non liability claim where an incident has happened which was outside the means of what controls you could have put in place and risks you could have managed but you still capture what happened and what was done. For example, someone with a pre-existing medical condition has an episode in your location and you administer first aid and call an ambulance. Their illness had nothing to do with your workplace, risks, hazards and workplace activities but your team still went above and beyond to help this person. You captured exactly what took place, what happened and what was done to help them.

Try the contractor incident report form template right here

8: Hazard Report

What hazards have you encountered in the workplace, enable your staff, contractors and visitors to capture and identify hazards that they witness or encounter as part of their work in your workplace. This can lead to a real-time hazard registry that is constantly updated with the latest hazards and allow for further controls and risks to be implemented to help reduce or manage those hazards. Identifying the hazard might include classifying what type of hazard was observed, describing how it can cause harm, how was it identified in the first place? where, when, was there an incident and what's its risk assessment?

Try the hazard report form template right here

9: Incident Investigation

What steps are taken to understand the underlying hazard and cause of the incident? Going through things like equipment used, behavioural issues, job task design, any materials or substances used, training and supervision involved, the working environment and systems of work.

Try the incident investigation form template right here

10: Risk Controls

What risk controls are being put in place? who is the person responsible? When? Have risk controls been implemented? have all risk controls been deems effective, implemented, completed and finalised? If risk controls were not effective, what further action is required? What date was the final risk control implemented?

Try the risk controls form template right here

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