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Published 31/03/2024

2024 Best Free Incident Report Form Templates

We've created a free template library of the most popular Incident Report forms. Incident Reporting is the first mechanism of describing what happened in a safety, security, environmental, quality, property or other type of incident. It's important that your workforce have the means to quickly report what happened, why it happened and even what could be done to prevent it happening again. We've put together the best free incident report form templates as categorised below. Feel free to use them. Commonly these forms will form part of your Safety Management Platform. Different Incident Report forms help ensure the right type of incident is reported by your workforce.

Creating a workplace specific
Incident Report Form

Incident Report forms are often best setup as workplace specific forms. Afterall, when an incident happens, the questions you are recording about the nature of that incident vary based on the type of workplace environment that the incident has occured. Was it outdoors, in a facility, an office building, at home? The follow on questions about identifying how that occured will then change too.

Each Incident Form might have its own stand alone incident register, a registry of all open and closed incidents for that specific form.

Try out these Incident Registry Templates

- Injury Report Registry Template

- Compliance Registry

- Security Incident Registry

- Environmental Incident Registry

- Near Miss Registry template

Try setting up your own here or use our templates

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Injury Report Form

This is a common report type for incident reports that are injuries in the workplace for staff, contractors or visitors. Also known as an accident report form. Record lost time injury details, mechanism of injury, severity, nature of injury, first aid or medical treatment details. What is the staff work status? Unfit for Work, Fully or Partially Fit Restrictions? Did they attended hospital? Does this incident need to be notified to the relevant Safety Regulator? Is this an accident in the workplace? This might be the core reporting part of your overall injury management software.

View Injury Report Form Template

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Accident Report Form

This is a form used for reporting an accident in the workplace. An accident could be an injury, damage, close call or similar accident focused incident. Accident Report form might include fields such as date of accident, location, witnesses, details of what happened, what was done in response, any first aid administered, damage done, police report lodged and other accident focused fields.

Security Incident Report Form

This template is for reporting security incidents or breaches. Was a police report made? the reporting the details of the security breach or incident and more.

If you're in charge of security at a business or organization, you know that incident reporting is an essential part of risk management. That's why having a well-structured security incident report form is essential to properly respond to and document any incidents that occur. But what is a security incident report form? In this post, we'll discuss the purpose of these forms and how organizations can use them as part of their overall risk management strategy.

View Seucirty Incident Report Form Template

Property Damage Incident Report Form

Track estimate costs of damage, party involved, witnesses, evidence, police reports, task that caused the damage and more

View Property Damage Form Template

Environmental Breach Incident Report Form

Was there a spill? what quantity? Is it a notifiable incident? what we involved? chemical exposure? all the details of any type of environmental breach or incident here

When it comes to environmental compliance, businesses need to understand all of their responsibilities. A key part of this process is the environmental breach report form, which is a document that can help companies identify and assess any potential issues with their practices. The form helps businesses stay compliant by providing them with a way to track any incidents related to their environment, as well as how they plan on minimizing or remedying any environmental breaches. This means that businesses must be proactive in their efforts to protect the environment and ensure that they are following all rules and regulations. Not only does an environmental breach report form provide companies with peace of mind, but also helps ensure that authorities have all the necessary information should an incident occur.

Liability Incident Report Form

Was the injury from an unrelated illness? determine the liability involved

Near Miss Incident Report Form

This is the incident type that can prevent serious injuries or worse. What happened, what could prevent it from happening again? empower your entire work force to make near miss reports and yur team can take action to prevent them leading to a full injury / incident.

View Near Miss Form Template

Safety Observation Template

This could be a safe or unsafe behaviour. It could be a positive report or a negative one and could lead to improving an existing process or procedure or prevention of a more serious incident happening.

Safety Observation Reports (SORs) provide an in-depth look at the safety of a workplace, helping to identify and reduce health and safety hazards. They also provide invaluable data that can be used to improve processes and avoid future risks. It's important for any organization or business to conduct SORs on a regular basis in order to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. In this article, we will discuss what a Safety Observation Report is, how it works and why it's important.

Hazard Report Form Template

Identify the type of hazard, the causes, the nature, how was it identified? the causes and more This could be a safe or unsafe behaviour. It could be a positive report or a negative one and could lead to improving an existing process or procedure or prevention of a more serious incident happening.

View Hazard Report Form Template

Unusual Behaviour Template

This incident type might be suitable where you need to track bullying or harrassment in the workplace. Report unusual behaviour, witnesses, evidence and more

Vehicle Incident Report Template

Was there damage, an accident, issue with a passenger or driver? Vehicle incident report form for everything to do with company vehicle incidents

A vehicle incident report is a document that records any type of incident involving a motor vehicle, from minor collisions to serious accidents. It includes all necessary information for insurance and legal purposes, such as details about the driver, passengers and other parties involved in the incident, as well as descriptions of the incident itself and any subsequent damage or injuries. Generally speaking, these reports are created onsite by police officers who witness or investigate an accident or collision. By having a copy of the official report, you can ensure your rights are protected should an issue arise down the line.

View Vehicle Incident Report Form Template

Contractor Incident Report Template

Do your contractors have a digital means for reporting incidents in the workplace? Did the incident involve a subcontractor? Have they been inducted?

View Contractor Incident Report Form Template

Accident Incident Report Template

Report an accident incident report in the workplace, public location, facility or site.

View Accident Incident Report Form Template

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