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Published 04/07/2023

Workers Compensation Claims Software

Workers compensation is a type of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical care to a worker in case they are not able to work due to an injury or illness attained in the line of duty. In the case where the worker dies in the process, the law requires monetary compensation to the beneficiaries of the deceased. In the event where a worker suffers physical, emotional injury in the line of duty, these are the steps to follow to claim compensation.

Establishing a workers comp system helps ensure a consistent and streamlined management of a workers comp claim from start to finish ranging from managing medical certificates, correspondence, accounts, liability, rehab, return to work plan and insurance. Transform your organisation away from manual tasks through to automated and centralised ones for the day to day management of workers comp claims.

What is Workers Comp and why is it important?

Workers compensation (Workers Comp) is a managed insurance for employees who are injured in the workplace or become ill due to their work.
This might include payments that cover:

- wages for the duration the employee is not fit for work
- medical expenses and rehabilitation (rehab)

This might be different across states and regions and involve insurance cover or employer self management.

Workers get injured and get into accidents while on duty and spend a lot of time in hospitals, and others fail to return to work due to serious disabilities after accidents. Employers sometimes neglect the period spent in hospital and recovery, yet it should be considered during payment. Compensation claim software is used to produce injury reports for workers' claims. The software helps prevent accident claims, identify abuse in the workplace, and help employees return to work quickly. Workers compensation software reduces processing time and enhances oversight for compensation cases. It enables governments and agencies to receive successfully, monitor, and process claims. Workers compensation claim software helps integrate data, reduce overpayments, produce analytics reports, and address regulatory issues with compliance support.

Real-time Workers Comp Claims System

Introducing our Workers Comp Claims System which you can use to manage your entire workers comp claims process. Auto generate workers comp claims forms and manage the workers comp workflow from start to finish with self insurance injury claim management.

Full lifecycle workers compensation claims and injury management
Real time Dashboard
Email Integration
Claims Audit and Assessment
Return to work plans
Advanced reporting and analytics
Data and systems integration options

An extensive workers comp claims management system suitable for different regions, jurisdictions and software that enables you to personalise the workflows, forms, registries an workflows to your unique workplace and workforce. Setup automations around how the claim is managed, reminders, letters, templates, integrations with other systems around accounts management, HR through to integrations with providers and insurers.

Self Insurance Claims Management and Insurance Company Claims

Engaging a third party like an insurance company can help push for compensation for employees who get injured while on duty and need compensation. The insurance company investigates the claim and interviews the victim in a recorded statement when the employee gets injured. They go through the medical documents and interview the doctors who attended the victim. If the employee claiming compensation has serious injuries, the insurance company assigns a nurse to accompany them during medical appointments. Insurance companies require their clients to undergo independent medical examinations (IME) and hire experts for reliable investigation. Insurance companies guarantee honesty and unbiased decisions by hiring lawyers to challenge the claims, especially when the accident has led or a possible disability. The time to return to work can be confusing, especially when the employer is demanding. Employees who get injured and conduct insurance companies may take longer than usual to return to work because the insurer always makes sure their clients are safe. Unless the employees' doctor or insurer gives a specified time to return to work, the injured employees should remain under medication until recovery.

Workers Compensation and Return to Work

Return to work is a complex process that depends on the workplace, healthcare, compensation system, and social factors. Some employers provide salaries for a given period in which the victim is hospitalized, and when the period ends, no salaries are paid until the victim returns to work.

Other employers pay half the employee's salary all through recovery time. After medication and return to work, employers differ in claims compensation, especially when the compensation is very high. Determining the compensation for the claim without a third party may disadvantage the victim. The insurer provides a fairground for compensation.

Some injuries may be fatal and leave the victim with disabilities, thus unable to execute their duties as expected. In such cases, the employer needs to change the duties and assign the employees lighter tasks.

Before the employee is dismissed from the hospital, the doctor issues a medical certificate defining the duties that should not be assigned to the employee as part of the compensation claim. Before dismissal, the doctor should certify the employee as fit for a certain task or fully unfit to help the employer understand the duties to assign.

Using workers' compensation claim software helps streamline the compensation process. When employees are injured while on duty, they log in to the application and fill out the claim form. The claim is registered in real-time, and safety officers trace the location to record more information about the accident. When the employee is taken to the hospital, every medical information is recorded in the software and processed in real-time. During compensation to the claim, it becomes easy to navigate events between the injury time and return to work time. While in the hospital, the employer is aware of the medical process and the expenses incurred through the software.

What does claim compensation software entail?

- Tracking progress
Employees need to track the claim's status as the employer and third parties make decisions.

- Online claims payment
Payment of claims is simple and easy when paid online. The insurer and the employer do not need to meet to negotiate compensation.

- Reminder
Stakeholders stay informed about the status and progress of the claim. The reminder function eliminates delays.

- Centralized database
Operating from a central database enhances transparency and easy management of claims from different departments and countries.

Since accidents and injuries are real and unavoidable, treating injured employees with respect and compensating them genuinely is a motivational factor. A company with compensation claim software makes compensation decisions easily and saves time.

View Templates, Forms, Registries and Workers Comp Claim Examples

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Manage the entire Workers Comp workflow from start to finish

Setup forms and registries specific to workers comp regulations in different regions

Our dashboard provides a real time view of your workers comp claims environment with statistics, registries, shortcuts to forms and more.

Customise letters, notifications, forms and reporting

Integrate the data with other systems

Workers Comp Claim Management

Manage the full workers comp claim process entirely online and centralised via your own dedicated injury claims area.
Generate the pre-filled workers comp claim form for your state or territory.
Establish and manage return to work plans and streamline other workers comp workflows.

Complete end to end module

For all organisations large or small. We believe that workers comp claims management should be easy to everyone for all to use to manage their claims more easily.

Return to Work Plan

Setup a return to work plan with an injured employee and in collaboration with them. Customise the form, enable a case by case basis on how a return to work place is setup and managed in order to allow for different circumstances. Enable the employee to digitally manage their return to work plan and centralise the entire process through our system.

Manage Appointments, Letters, Reminders, Medical Certificates and Rehab

- Systemise the tracking and management of appointments
- Reminders to employee to attend appointments and provide medical certificates (including enabling them to provide the certificate directly via the system)
- Manage rehab providers
- Issue follow up letters, nudges and reminder communications

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