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Published 31/03/2024

Injury Management Software

Injury management of a workplace injury is a vast and comprehensive field that spans recording the details of the injury that occurred, collecting all the information around the incident, root causes, corrective action, risks and controls through to the ongoing management of the affected employee and their injury. This might involve reminders and tracking around medical appointments, capturing medical certificates, insurer management, return to work plan management, expense management through job role gaps analysis, training gaps analysis and diagnostic.

Using our lite version of our workers comp injury claims management module, you can manage your workers comp claims online easily and in a simple to use and streamlined way. Perfect for organisations with only 20 claims a year, the lite version is completely free to use! A simple registry of injury management cases with options to record notes, add attachments, upload medical certificates and manage the injury management workflow from start to finish.

Tools for Incident Reporting to Injury Management in the workplace

Working backwards, the injury management workflow involves recording an incident for where the injury first occured, root cause, incident investigation, corrective actions, hazard reporting and other important workflows as part of investigating and understanding the injury occurence. This will commonly form part of your overall safety management software.

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Injury Management System Workflow

It all starts with an injury report but often there is a lot of background to work through around what led to that injury and what could have been done to prevent it or stop it from happening again. This might involve linking the original incident report to the injury report, investigating the job role design versus duties performed during the injury occurrence, are there any training gaps, was the staff member inducted? Then of course the post injury details which might include root causes, return to work plan, incident investigation, insurer correspondence, medical appointments, medical certificates, reminders, expenses, invoices and payments, lost time, new duties that the staff member can return to work on and ongoing management of the injury.

Create custom injury management workflows
With a injury management software you can control the entire workflow and setup a number of automations around it. Managing medical certificates, return to work plan, workplace rehabilitation, the management of the claim with the insurer, liability decision, managing lost work time along with letters, appointments, tasks and updates regarding the management of the injury.

Capture of the details of the Injury / Illness
The severity
The mechanism
The type of injury
What were the causes
The nature of the injury
What treatment was done
Dates, hospital details and much more

Overview of an Injury Management System

When trying to manage the injuries your employees encounter in the workplace, one of the most important tools you can have is a workers comp injury management system. This type of system enables companies to securely document and track medical claims related to employee injuries for cost control and efficient management purposes. Whether you're looking for risk mitigation or want reassurance that legislation compliance processes are being appropriately implemented, having a well-developed workers comp injury management system at hand is essential for any size business operating in an environment with potential health hazards and automated workflows.

A single application handles numerous components surrounding employee illness or injuries which include but not limited to accident reporting and filing; maintaining medical records; tracking time/location when incident occurred as well as ensuring accurate follow-up documentation on diagnosis conclusions and treatment plans (if required). Moreover, this platform adds tremendous value by granting quick visibility into high-risk claimants so appropriate action can be taken promptly. If needed, additional resources such as legal representation can be obtained more quickly - more often than not mitigating any serious financial impact that could potentially occur from over-exposure associated with workers compensation cases within workplaces across markets worldwide e.g Urology/ Massage therapy etc..

Having an online resource that provides worker's duty of care translates into less paperwork since all documents pertaining to ill health & safety are electronically stored plus relevant stakeholders end up staying informed at all times throughout the course of treatment regardless if they're managers, senior directors or other administrative personnel notified upon discharge order being issued accordingly. Once these systems become established it's key that regular maintenance & updates should take place as dictated by industry standards i.e whenever legal matters change within any sector running payroll administration packages must keep their knowledgebase updated accordingly although initially requires some input from knowledgeable sources like industrial experts experienced in dealing closely with both state mandated government regulations & specific legislative data benchmarking too!

Popular modules in Injury Management Software

Commonly you'll see modules around the capture of an injury such as an incident report, the management of medical certificates, liaising with insurers, HR, letter templates, rehab provider management and return to work plans.

Reporting an Incident

Managing Medical Certificates

Letter Management

Top Injury Management Forms

Here are some common forms you might include in your injury management process

Injury Report Form

Corrective Action Form

Safety Observation Form

Return to Work Plan

Manage the follow on injury workflow

Easily attach all the related information back against the initial injury report. This might include the medical report details, lost time details, return to work plan and more

Calculate lost time and even assign tasks and hours based on the level of injury

Cover the full life cycle of the injury, from the incident it relates to right through to the return to work plan, medical certificate management, appointment management, lost time injury management through to injury case closure.

Workers Comp Claim Management

Manage the full workers comp claim process entirely online and centralised via your own dedicated injury claims area.
Generate the pre-filled workers comp claim form for your state or territory.
Establish and manage return to work plans and streamline other workers comp workflows.

Injury Management Database

Using our Injury Management platform you can have a digital database of all injuries that have occured in historically. Filter them by site, department, employee, type, mechanism, body part, severity or basically any field you want to create and sort by. Have a registry of open or closed injuries and categorise them by status, actions, liability decisions, reminders due, claims pending and many other important injury management factors.

Medical Appointment and Certificate Management

Managing records around medical certificates and appointments is a critical part of an injury management system. Capturing first medical certificate through to final medical certificate, issuing reminders around attending appointments and capturing the notes about how a staff member is going, how are they going with their duties, are they able to perform their job tasks ok and a system for working with them in their return to work journey.

Injury Management App

In today's world, empowering your staff to report and capture injuries that happen in the workplace is critical. Using an Incident Report app all staff, visitors, contractors and volunteers in a workplace can have the tool in their pocket to capture and report an injury as they witness it or are involved in one. What happened, when, how, what factors caused it, what was done at the scene, who witnessed it and much more can be capture then and there along with photos. From there, follow on processes around corrective actions, hazards and investigations can be managed from the initial reported injury. An app becomes a major beneficial instrument as part of your injury management software.

Lite version is a completely free module

The lite version is free for all organisations large or small. Use to manage your injury claims easily online.

Need something more sophisticated for your injury management process?

Not a problem! We have an extensive incident and injury management platform for managing incident and injury claims across large portfolios, multiple sites and departments. Define your own custom workflows and notification rules. You may have complex incident escalation rules where different levels of responsible persons or managers are sent escalation notifications based on an incident or injury occurrence. Another might be site specific logins for managers to see the injuries just in relation to their work site only. Setting up follow on forms is another common extension where once the injury report has been reported, additional follow on forms specific to your workflow will be required.

For example, new injury has been reported, it is then followed up with:

Corrective actions

Hazard report and investigation to evaluate what led to the injury

Investigation workflow



Requirements and checks to close out the incident

Injury reports may trigger different follow on workflows based on the nature of the injury that has occurred. For example, was the incident any of these?

First Aid Injury Only?
Medical Treatment Only?
Lost Time Injury?
Was there any lost work time?

From there the injury report might examine the Body Part injured, Mechanism of Injury, Nature of Injury, Initial Treatment Details, Attended Doctors Name and details, first aid and if they attended hospital and the final status of the injured worker:

Unfit for Work?
Fully Fit?
Partially Fit Restrictions?

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